Lene Makwana was born in 1984 in Norway, and grew up in the small town Minnesund with her four younger siblings and parents. Her love for art was revealed early. She often lost herself in deep concentration while drawing, and when reaching school age she would always decorate her assignments or illustrate events in tests. After finishing high school with specialisation in Arts and Craft, she ventured into the world of Fine Arts at Einar Granum School of Arts in Oslo and was hoping to be accepted to the Royal Academy of Arts. She got accepted at Hertfordshire University in UK, but decided to stay in Norway.

After a few years with creating artworks and writings on the side of her job in retail, she decided to go back to studies and attended two years at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies, earning her a diploma in Commercial and Editorial Illustration. She finished her BA Photography and Illustration Design in 2013 from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia where she now resides with her husband.


Lene Makwana artist
Lene Makwana